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Shannon Hoon - From You to You and You

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01 - Flea Market Pete
02 - Cavities
03 - Walk
04 - St. Andrew’s Fall
05 - All That I Need
06 - Everyday (The Way You Looked Before)
07 - Letter’s From a Porcupine
08 - Weeping Like the Willow


“About five years ago someone from California sent me about 20 CDs with Blind Melon music. I had not listened to any of those until recently. When I ran across this CD I felt that I had found a treasure to be shared with all the people who love Shannon. After thinking about it for days, I have concluded that Shannon would have wanted me to give this as a Christmas present to you and you and you and you and you … so Merry Christmas!”
Nel Hoon (12/01/2008)



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