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Lyrics: The Duke

Recorded at: Kingways Studios, New Orleans in 1994-1995


Out here in nothin' engulfed by the sea
And there's no one here except these fishes and me
I think I could die here
Then I'm hit, leveled hard by the rising tide
Oh, I'm hit hard by the tide,
I'm just livid, all alone
Sunny, so funny, not funny to me
Because, I'm bearing the scars from it burning on me
But I feel so revived, just sittin', here thinkin'
Then I'm hit hard, really hard by the tide
I'm hit hard by the tide, I'm just livid
And I'm livin'
Yeah, I'm hit hard by the tide
I'm livid, livid
Hard by the tide I'm livin'


Paoa Kahanamoku (the Duke)
(waikiki surfer, Olympic champion swimmer, Hollywood actor, "Father of Surfing" and first surfer to appear on a US post stamp) 


 " 'The Duke' was about this great experience--we played in Hawaii with Porno For Pyros. We spent a week there surfing and snorkeling. 'The Duke' was the first surfer guy. He was the guy that brought surfing over to the States, as well."
Christopher Thorn from the book "A devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on The Other" by Greg Prato


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