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Lyrics: Hello, Goodbye

Recorded at: Kingways Studios, New Orleans in 1994-1995
Featuring:  Kermit Ruffins and The Little Rascals Brass Band invited by Rogers Stevens

I'm entering a frame bombarded by indecision
Where a man like me can easily let the day get out of control
Down this far in the quarter
I'm pushed hard upon the border
But, I'd rather be caught 'round
now rather than, oh say, 'round the mouth of June
If I can leave, with a little bit of explanation
Then any where in the world I choose to go I'll have it made 

Kermit Ruffins

“…Kermit Ruffins is sort of thereigning king of the brass bands. He was in a thing called the ReBirth Brass Band and they tour in Europe. There’s so many brass bands in New Orleans that there’s someone playing pretty much every day of the year…”
Glen Graham (Drum Media - 1995)

“…I wrote these horn parts and got this New Orleans brass band to come in and do this whole conceptual thing where the album starts out with the horns and finishes up with the horns, like a jazz funeral type thing. We had all listened to a lot of Beatles’ records, over the years, and we liked all those little touches they had, the sound effects, the studio tricks, the unusual instruments…”
Rogers Stevens (1995) 


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