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Lyrics: Galaxie

Recorded at:Kingways Studios, New Orleans in 1994-1995
Highest Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart Position: #25
Highest Billboard Modern Rock Chart Position: #8

Is this the place that I want to be
Is it you who I want to see
Holding on, hold it high, show me everything
And you're leaving me, yeah you're leaving me
you're leaving me with a hated identity
But I keep on a comin' here and standing in this state
And I'm never really sure if you'll take
What I'm saying the right way
But I'm not appalled or afraid
verbal pocket play
Is as discreet as I can muster up to be
Because the Cadillac that's sittin' in the back
It isn't me
Oh, no, no, no it isn't me
I'm more at home in my galaxie
Can I do the things I wanna do
That I don't do because of you
And I'll take a left and I'll second
guess into a total mess
And you're leaving me
You're leaving me with a hated identity
No no no no it isn't me
No it isn't me
I'm more at home in my Galaxie

Galaxie was the first single from Soup, it refers to the 1964 Ford Galaxie Shannon bought in New Orleans while recording the Soup album.

“…this is a song about my first love…”
Shannon Hoon (Live At The Metro - Sept 27, 1995)

“…[The car] was just my escape, my comfort zone from a lot of places that I found myself during my stay down there-I think a lot of people probably think that [in the song] I’m talking about the galaxies, as in the universe. And I’ve always liked the idea of wordplay and ambiguously writing about something so simple and making it sound so far out…”
Shannon Hoon (Billboard - August 12, 1995)

“… It’s an easy first track – it’s quick and it’s powerful. When viewed on the video, it has this added sense of humour. Actually it’s hard to pick singles because when it’s your stuff, you like them all. We consciously made a decision that we didn’t want to come up with something as acoustic as ‘No Rain’. We wanted to state the fact that we were a rock band, or whatever you wanted to call us. Not a bunch of hippies standing out in the fields . We wanted to show to the hundreds of thousands of people who bought the previous record and liked ‘No Rain’ that there was something else they could check out.
Glen Graham (Big O magazine - 1995)


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