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Lyrics: Dumptruck

Recorded at: Kingways Studios, New Orleans in 1994-1995


New York City soothing my itchy itchy month of May
Time has passed for Ms. Onassis, decay on display
I don't want to go down
I don't want to go down like she did
And I can't understand why something
good's got to die before we miss it
Mumbled talk through pigeon park
And Hastings is wasting away
religiously they seem to sin
Buy, sell or trade for amens
I just don't want to feel
I just don't want to feel like they feel
Hollow body for sound, trade my coat for a gown
Way up in my arms you know
I love you just a little bit more
Raisin' nose down to chin
Smoke after smoke they all trickle in
Anything, for anything, and ending up with nothing
Simple pimpled young man
Sores all over his hands
He's sleeping, not so silently
I'll mop the floors for you all
I'm a fly on the wall
Really big and listening
Burned a hand of a friend of mine
And Bub I know that you could fly a mile high
You told me nothing's ever gonna come between
Nothing's ever gonna come between
Nothing's ever gonna come between

My dumptruck and me

 The whole outro to "Dumptruck" came from a different song. I had the little geetar bit and Shannon sang melodies over it. We just stuck it onto the end of the song, which was a Brad piece of music. That song still sounds a little crazy to me. I don't love the arrangement and the music, but there's no denying that Shannon delivered the knockout punch at the end with the lyrics about Bub*. I want to cry every time I hear it.

Rogers Stevens (01/23/2009 on the Blind Melon forum)

(*) a friend of Shannon who got hired on with the county drivin a dumptruck, Bub died of a cancer , Mrs Onasis was a reference to Bub's girlfriend, Jackie



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