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Lyrics: 2x4

Recorded at: Kingways Studios,New Orleans in 1994-1995

I'm talkin' I'm talkin'
I'm talkin' to myself more
Needle, fetal
Someone's pouring warm gravy all over me
And you see that synthetic therapy
Don't you know it seems to be so unappealing
But, oh what a feeling
I wish that you would stop spitting when
you're talking to me
And inside, air dry
I might want to go another way
But you see now I'm too pale to get out
Into the lovely light of day
Oh, I'll do anything that you say
But I wish you would stop spitting when you're talking to me
I'm talkin' to myself more
Man to man
Stand to stand
Talkin' to myself

Shannon Hoon performing 24 at The Metro (Sept 27, 1995)


 " '2x4' was just some riffs that I had and brought into the band. I think I had a demo of it, and Shannon wrote those words--I think they are pretty obvious. The verse that I remember is about heroin--'Pouring warm gravy all over me.' I love the words, I hate what they're about--but I they're so well done."
Brad Smith from the book "A devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on The Other" by Greg Prato


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