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Lyrics: Soup

Recorded at: Kingways Studios, New Orleans on november 1994 ( during the Soup Sessions)


The clothesline of cold eyes
is washing away the face before
Now tell me what's wrong you see everyone's gone
You gotta do your best to decorate this dying' day
This dying' day
All over a bowl of bitter beans
And outside way, way up high I got a quarter moon mist
hanging' over me
And now, I want that rocking chair outta there
Cause he's no longer living here
It's no longer needed here
All over a bowl of bitter beans
And I got a corner store and that's all the more
For me to praise upon the holidays
And now I'll close my eyes really, really tight
and make you all go away,
I'll make you all go all go away
And I'll pull the trigger and make it all go away
And I'll make it all go away, I'll make it all go away


live at Woodstock on August 13, 1994

"It was a collage of things. We had just written it before Woodstock. I think it was a collage of things, you know; it was right around the time that Kurt had killed himself.
There was a family that lived in Chicago -- their story made it. I used to live in Chicago. I used to have this corner store called Titti's right around the corner; this was an older Italian guy who didn't really understand me or what I did for a living, but he liked me, and he never really understood why he liked me. And then there was that whole -- I don't know. It's a collage of different things, kind of about four different stories tied up into one; rather than have me explain it to you, it is written in an ambiguous way that you can kind of draw upon whatever you want to think about it."
Shannon Hoon


" Soup was a song I had written, and for whatever reason the rest of the band didn't want that on the Soup album...That was a band fight that lasted months, and unfortunately for me I lost, but at least now, I have some sense of "I told you so." The best part is when fans come up and tell me that with the rest of the guys around."
Christopher Thorn (July 2008)


"The whole issue with "Soup" was a trying time for us. Christopher wrote the music that started the song...the whole first half with the acoustic guitar. Shannon sang the first half over that and then I had the end part for another song (where the drums and electric guitars come in). We ended up sticking them together and nobody was entirely happy...I wanted the last bit for another song I had arranged, Christopher had a different idea about where the song should go, and it turned into a big fight. Nobody could agree and the song got put on the backburner, which is totally unfortunate. This is a good example of why we were not a more successful band...we were too far around the bend to make things palatable for easy-listening. All of our decisions were always painful and overwrought...still the same way. We all know now that "Soup" is one of our best songs, but we were too busy tripping over our own asses to figure it out.
The part in "Soup" where the song changes where the two bits come together....the part where Shannon resolves the lyric with the word "away"....THAT is the single most emotional moment of any of our songs to me. "
Rogers Stevens (01/20/2009 on the Blind melon Forum)



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