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Lyrics: Letters From A Porcupine

Recorded at: Christopher Thorn's answering machine by Shannon in 1994


Oh so more important here
Any kind
Oh, what ever shakes a thrill
Mark my face
The air is really heavy now
I pledge allegiance
So GOD why don't you come on over here
Oh, that's what has happened to you
Well, there is nothing more to take
Pour the red wine
Watch the news, maybe ventilate
I pledge allegiance
So laddy why don't you come on over here

Letters from the porcupine
They'll stick straight through you
So read one anytime
You think you've made mistakes
Now we'll wait for later
Maybe the next in line will be
Someone who's Daddy's blood
Ran out next to Bush and it be him


 "Shannon had a crazy habit of calling up and not really saying anything, but just singing little fragments of ideas or songs. And for some reason, I thought, what a cool song. It just sounded great coming out of the answering machine. So I recorded into DAT and kept it. I had it laying around for a while."

Christopher Thorn


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