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Lyrics: Glitch

Recorded at: Kelsey's Playground in Lafayette, IN in 1993 (Mike Kelsey's studio)
One of the song Rogers Stevens is the most proud of on this album


Sitting on the back of my time
Fishing through the city phone lines
Suddenly, suddenly 'til my back's out of line
Who today will be knocked off
And who controls all the chalk talk
Will they let you see
And will you believe

May there be a charm in your shine
Lies about the big find
But shouldn't he, so deservingly



 " I never heard Shannon play it or sing it. After he died, his friend who had recorded it, said, 'Hey, I got this song.' It's one of my favorite songs. So it makes me go, 'Man, we would have been some really good stuff.'. "
Chris Thorn from the book "A devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on The Other" by Greg Prato

"...Glitch was a song that we didn’t even know existed that Shannon’s friend, Mike Keysley told us about. Mike, when we were gonna make this record [Nico], was like “Hey I have some DATs that Shannon’s recorded”. It’s one of my favorite songs off of that record."
Christopher Thorn interviewed by Steve Rosen of Ultimate Guitar Magazine on January 19th, 2007


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