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Lyrics: Soak The Sin

Recorded at: London Bridge Studio, Seattle (Feb - June 1992)

I've got to buy some shoes
These ones are getting loose
My feet are shrinking in the sun, and it ain't fun
But it looks like rain up ahead in forty miles
A big rainbow took the blue sky
I'm gonna tell my momma, I love her so,
And thank you for giving me these bones of gold
I'm gonna run from my home
Jump in the river and let the
Water soak the sin in my soul
Fine time we all crossed lines
Make the music that makes us feel fine
Rednecks on sundecks hearing a
Hillside Romeo say "Boys this is the
Good shit so come on y'all and eat a little bit"
And if I ever got back home, I'm gonna set
Don't even say a word, it confuses me
What he says to do, is that we don't have to
We don't have to

Shannon and his mother, Nel.

“… I’m gonna tell my momma, I love her so
and thank you for giving me these bones of gold…”

 " I wrote 'Soak The Sin' about tripping in the desert. The whole band went out to the desert, and we saw Liquid Jesus play--it was out near Joshu Tree. I think it was some kind of homegrown festival. It was maybe 3-500 people out threr. I was driving back out into the desert after coming to Los Angeles. So the song was a little about just driving and realizing how far you've come in your musical journey. And how good it feels to go back home and get re-grounded. Because we were out in the desert tripping, taking acid, and drinking--it was just insane..."
Brad Smith from the book "A devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on The Other" by Greg Prato


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