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Lyrics: Paper Scratcher

Recorded at: London Bridge Studio, Seattle (Feb - June 1992)

 " It was about this guy we used to see all the time -he was a homeless guy, that was right around where Shannon lived. He would have these magazines or catalogs -ripping pages out of-  scratching stull off of-like the private parts of the people. Really odd. He was obviously mentally ill..."
Rogers Stevens from the book "A devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on The Other" by Greg Prato

"Paper Scratcher is about a guy I met in LA. After a year, I ran into him again and he did not remember me. So I told him if he said 'Hey Shannon" when I go to work, I'd give him a dollar. I saw him last week, he didn't remember, and he told me his name was James Taylor. If you don't have any responsability, it's hard to stay sane"
Shannon Hoon taken from the Angle Vol 3, Nį10 (October 1992)

Shuffle can to can nobody really gives a damn
For every living day I give myself a hand
Now Iím scroungy as can be
I got all you normals looking at me
Iíll scratch a hole in my life
So everyone can see
My mind is a mind that I have come to know
And my eyes canít conceive a world that can not grow
And Fridays are always fresh days
Screaminí at the sun, donít really
Know what he has done
He donít believe in God and a world as one
So he rambles through the weeds
And he will sleep beneath the trees
On the day I die,
Thank God my Soul will be released
Iíve seen all your eyes
And Iíve seen all your faces
Can you tell me honestly that you wanna be free
Then look in my eyes
Iíve been lots of places
Can you tell me honestly that youíd want to be me


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