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Lyrics: Holyman

Recorded at: London Bridge Studio, Seattle (Feb - June 1992)


I was born on the banks off a hot muddy river
The child of one stupid steamy night
Born to roam beneath the sun
What do you think of me, Iím better left alone
I met a Holyman that said that he knew the way
And heíd like to show me so my life won't go astray
Take my hand child now little boy donít you be afraid
Iíll take your soul and walk on water
Holyman, ya donít understand
The cuts on me they run much deeper
Holyman, you righteous man
Iíve been shown the way a thousand times
Not one a keeper
Older man he said Iíll tell you boy
Youíve planted rotten seeds
And in a land of happiness
Theyíll grow us evil trees
Guided minds, and eyes that will never see
Holyman Iíll tell you
Just what it is that I believe
Holyman I tell you man you gotta
Believe in what you see
ĎCause its you that corrupt us man and
Deep throat philosophy
I donít need your spells or the little
Games you try to pull on me
Come to think of it I donít need your religion
Gotta get away
I wish you would understand
Everybody prays
Let me find my own way


"..so I don't know if there's a lot people [here], a lot of different religious beliefs....all I know is that I watch the news a lot...sit and watch..and you sit and you try to understand why people kill one another over each others different religious beliefs...you know I'm not...maybe I haven't brushed up on what religion is all about but I didn't think that killing was something that really had to do with proving your religion was right...I think everybody has their own god inside of them it's just up to you to find it...so that's gonna help you grow as a human being...whatever it is, it's different for each one of us, I believe, at least that's what I think about it..."
Shannon Hoon (right before performing 'Holyman' at The Wetlands on March 25, 1993)


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