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Lyrics: Drive

Recorded at: London Bridge Studio, Seattle (Feb - June 1992)


His feet are dirty
And his face, his face is long
And while hes peeking out
Through his hair he hides the pain
Till that Lennon song comes along
Hell turn it off and say can you drive?
Jimmy, we need to borrow this for a minute
Cause we need to escape
Now theres so many things that
Hes gonna do in 5 lifetimes
Hell I could do em all
Yeah and while hes rolling his own smokes
He says to me hes buying a new ride today
A classic deal the boss will give
He said the same thing two weeks ago
Youve seen that sweaty jet rag
Feeling come over him, and Ive
Seen that boy nod into a dream a time or two
And on his way out his glazed stare
Will make you stop and wonder
Hey William is that the last time
Im gonna look at you?
But the next day phone will ring
And it will be him
Can you drive?
Jimmy, what would you say
What would you do
Oh should I pray?
Or do you think that this blind mind
Would listen to me, anyway


 "This song is about being in control when everyone else thinks you're not."
Shannon Hoon (introducing 'Drive' at The Palace on February 1, 1993)

"...and we're not gonna be young forever so we got to enjoy what we are, right?..."
Shannon Hoon (during 'Drive' at the Wetlands on March 25, 1993)

"Drive is not about Axl Rose, but a guy none of you have ever heard of who used to get Shannon to drive him to buy heroin, as well as general pondering about the nature of addicts and addiction. Jet Rag was the used clothing store on Melrose where Christopher, and said guy, worked at that time and was often used as a rendezvous point for these excursions. We stole extensively from dozens of bands but this was by far the most blatant example so we had to acknowledge it vocally"
Glen Graham on the
blindmelonforum.com (11/12/2006)


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