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Extra Virgin:

Rogers Stevens met Rene Lopez in New York City in 1997 through a mutual friend. At this time, Blind Melon was still looking for a new singer but it didn't work out with Rene. After Blind Melon officialy split up, Rogers and Rene started writing songs under the name of Extra Virgin. Then they asked bassist Johnny Lonely (formely of Liquid Jesus) and drummer Bill Dobrow (recommended by Chris Thorn) to join the band. As these 2 guys were already involved in other bands, it took them a few months to come in New York. In the meanwhile, Rogers and Rene went at Kingsway Studio in New Orleans to record their first record titled '12 Stories High' during summer'99.
Back in New York City with the support of Bill Dobrow, Johnny Lonely and keyboard player Jack Petruzzelli (met through Rene Lopez), Extra Virgin started touring in a lot of clubs with a crowd getting bigger and bigger. In 2000, bassist Pat Sansone (formely of Birdy with Glen Graham) replaced Johnny Lonely and Jack Petruzzelli left the band. The guys were really productive and had many new songs to present to their crowd in 2001. In early 2002, Extra Virgin started recording new songs for a second album but unfortunely, the band split up before anything came out.

Where are the guys now?
- Rene Lopez is working on his own material and has recently toured with Joseph Arthur.
- Rogers Stevens is back with Blind Melon since September 2006.
- Bill Dobrow is now supporting many bands including The Black Crowes.
- Johnny Lonely is now playing bass for Orson.
- Pat Sansone is now in Wilco.
- Jack Petruzzelli is currently playing with The Fab Faux and Joan Osbourne.

Many  thanks to Matthew Flood who ran the Extra Virgin website for retrieving all this stuff and for sharing (with the permission of Rogers Stevens and Rene Lopez). Check out these never-seen before photos, flyers, postcards, download demos and  unreleased songs... and if you don't have '12 Stories High' yet, get it!


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