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Extra Virgin: Download

First Cold Pressing (1999)
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Unreleased songs (2000-2001)
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Rock City; Never released 2nd Album
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 1. Hollow
2. Rubber Chin
3. Fat Laces
4. Palm Reader
5. My Universe
6. Over The Hill
7. Gost
8. Hi-Fi Hearts
9. Cage
10. Velvet Pills
11. Spanish Stairs
12. 20 Days
13. Rise And Fall
14. Sacrifice
15. One Fast Ride

1. Nothing Like Your Love
2. Stun Gun
3. Sun Is Shinning
4. Twisted
5. Things I See






1. Maybe Maybe
2. It's A Mess
3. Over Your Shoulder
4. Let's Go Out
5. Never The Same








Many thanks to Matthew Flood for spending a lot of time to retrieve all this stuff and to Rene Lopez and
Rogers Stevens for giving the authorization to put everything online.

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