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Blind Melon - Live At The Metro

Released on September 27, 2005
Recorded live at The Metro in Chicago (09/27/1995)
Produced by Kevin Flaherty.


“By the time they took the stage at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago in the fall of 1995, Blind Melon were full-fledged stars. Having entered the charts and the public consciousness with one of the most infectious pop hits of the era, they were out to prove themselves to a newfound audience as an ensemble of bona fide musicians. This inspired set would be one of the last shows they performed together, and it remains a fitting snapshot into the legacy of this singular band”

Featuring the Songs:
 1. 2×4
 2. Toes Across The Floor
 3. Wilt
 4. Tones Of Home
 5. Vernie
 6. Soak The Sin
 7. Lemonade
 8. Skinned
 9. Walk
10. No Rain
11. Galaxie
12. Dumptruck
13. The Duke
14. Saint Andrew’s Fall
15. Soup
16. Paper Scratcher
17. Change
18. After Hours / Time

Bonus tracks (live on MuchMusic 09/12/1995):
Toes Across The Floor
2. Change
3. Soup


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