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Abandon Jalopy - Death And Joy

Released on February 14, 2012
Recorded at tStudio Earbone
Produced by Brad Smith

Shannon Hoon - For You And You and You

Rare acoustic songs kindly given by Nel Hoon - Download for free here

Released on December 1st, 2008


Unified Theory (Christopher Thorn & Brad Smith) - Cinematic


Released on April 23, 2007

The Meek (Glen Graham) - Relax, It's later than you think...

Released on October 6, 2006
Digital download only (not available anymore)


The Tender Trio (Rogers Stevens)

Released on October, 2004
Demo - For promotional use


Abandon Jalopy (Brad Smith) - Mercy

Released on June 12, 2001
Recorded at the Lucky Dog Studio and The Stankface Labatories
Produced by Brad Smith and Christopher Thorn



Extra Virgin (Rogers Stevens) - Rock City

Recorded in 2002
5 songs-demo - Never released
Thanks to Rogers Stevens, Rene Lopez and Matthew Flood

Extra Virgin (Rogers Stevens) - Twelve Stories High

Released on January, 2000
Recorded at Kingsway Studio in New Orleans
Produced by Mike Napolitano and Extra Vigin


Extra Vigin (Rogers Stevens) - First Cold Pressing

Recorded in 1999
Demo - For promotional use
Thanks to Rogers Stevens, Rene Lopez and Matthew Flood 

Unified Theory (Christopher Thorn & Brad Smith)

Released on August 15, 2000


Unified Theory (Christopher Thorn & Brad Smith) - Sampler

Released on 2000
For promotional use.


Luma (Christopher Thorn & Brad Smith) - four songs

Recorded and mixed at Lucky Dog and Stank Face Labs
Mastered at Jupiter by Martin Feveyear
Released on July 1999
For promotional use.

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