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 Albums - For My Friends


  1. For My Friends
2. With The Right Set Of Eyes
3. Wishing Well
4. Sometimes
5. Tumblin' Down
6. Down On The Pharmacy
  7. Make A Difference
8. Harmfull Belly
9. Last Laugh
10. Hypnotized
11. Father Time
12. So High
13. Cheetum Street (with Tennessee Tuckness)

Release date : April 22, 2008
Produced by:
Brad Smith, Christopher Thorn and Blind Melon
Recorded at: Studio Wishbone - North Hollywood, CA

"... it was precisely around this time that Smith and Thorn were asked to produce a few tracks for Texas-based singer/songwriter, Warren – who also happened to be a diehard Blind Melon fan. Working with Warren on his demo, Smith jokingly said to Thorn that Warren “could sing Blind Melon songs in his sleep.” The idea was born. The 4 remaining members came together to be reacquainted with each other, and to meet with Warren. Soon after, it had become apparent that they had finally located Blind Melon’s new singer. Setting up shop at Wishbone, the reformed band spent most of 2007 writing and recording. But before issuing a new album, the group decided to introduce their newest member via a highly successful and completely sold out club tour in late 2007. If the strong response from fans at these shows is any indication, the group’s 2008 tour and forthcoming new album will spread the word further. Without a doubt, Blind Melon is back. 

 - This album is dedicated to Shannon Hoon -

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