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- Blind Melon -
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Pull (acoustic version) 

Frosting A Cake (from The Soup Sessions) 

Deserted (acoustic version) 

I Feel The Earth Move
Recorded live @ The Roseland Ballroom in New York - 02/17/1994 

MuchMusic Intimate & Interactive (whole show) 

Shannon Hoon acoustic songs

Minneapolis - Live @ First Avenue 09-29-95 (whole show) 


- Covers -
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Life Ain't So Shitty by 12 Daze (studio version)
check out the download section
and Wooh DOG
(performed live on 05/14/2006 and broadcasted on www.myspace.com/12dazelive)


Change by The Transenders (live version)
Recorded live @ The Aardvark in Fort Worth, Texas - 12/11/2004

Sleepyhouse by Somebody's Closet (live version)
Recorded live @ Bishop's Lounge in Northampton, MA - 02/03/2006

Change by Somebody's Closet (live version)
Recorded live @ Wiskey in Rochester, NY - 07/07/2006

Change by The Shantee (live version)
Recorded live @ The Mad Frog in Cincinnati, OH - 03/19/2004



Mouthfull Of Cavities by Gaz 

No Rain  by The Stanford University Marching Band 

Letters From A Porcupine
by Danny Campbell

Change by Jeremy Parr 

Life Ain't So Shitty by Arizona Baby 



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