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Rogers Stevens interviewed by Olivia Flasch

By Olivia Flasch for the FestivalPhoto.se (August 4, 2008)


Reformed 90’s band, Blind Melon, has a new album out, released in April 2008, featuring Blind Melon’s new singer, Travis Warren. The sudden death occurring in 1995 of their former singer, Shannon Hoon, put an everlasting mark on the four remaining group members. Their recent reformation, taking place in 2007, has brought new hope to fans worldwide that the sad but determined band is not quite finished yet.
After a wonderful, but too short show, I manage to find guitarist, Rogers Stevens, to exchange a few words with him by the tour bus.

So how did you like the show?
-Tonight? It was a good show. They cut us off one song early, so that was a little weird. And I’ve actually never heard of the headliner band, I don’t really listen to that kind of music.
Stevens sounds a bit tired as we speak. This doesn’t exactly come as a surprise since the band has been all over the place touring.
-We’ve been out since mid-February, and we’ll be done in a week. Then we’ll be off for a couple of weeks, and it’s back up to the North East, then down to Texas. We’ll be doing a few more festivals like these, then up to Canada and another U.S. tour in the fall.

Are you going to Europe?
- Yes, in September. We’ll be going to Italy, Spain, England, Denmark, France… I don’t really know where else.

You should come to Sweden!
- Yeah we’ve been there a bunch. You know, back fifteen years ago. We played The Globe in Stockholm. That’s where I got food poisoning so I remember that.
The new album, “For My Friends”, has a catchy, nostalgic sound that brings you back to the 90’s with a smile. It took the band about a year to record it, seeing as they were off and on recording. They went on tour, and then came back to finish it.
- Now we’re out here just kind of hammering it on the road. A lot of people don’t know who we are, so we’re just trying to turn people on to it.

 What is the best part of playing at concerts and festivals?
- Oh you know, being interviewed by fresh-faced young girls! Well, the touring is kind of a burden as far as with the travelling, but the playing makes it worth it. I have a two-year old at home, so I miss her… I miss my wife… but the playing live is just great.
As far as for the rest of us, seeing Blind Melon live is even greater. The grief of Shannon Hoon’s death lies in the heart of every fan, and the reformation of Blind Melon is definitely a tribute and dedication to his great work. The tours and the new album are a reminder that this is a continuation of the words he so passionately sang into many hearts.


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