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Articles: Blind Melon Reforming,
                As People Apparently Care (October 19, 2006)


Thursday October 19, 2006 @ 07:30 PM
By: ChartAttack.com Staff

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Saturday will mark the 11th anniversary of Shannon Hoon's drug overdose death, but Blind Melon have experienced a rebirth in interest over the past year and recently reformed with a new singer.

Glen Graham (drums), Christopher Thorn (guitar), Brad Smith (bass) and Rogers Stevens (guitar) have added former Rain Fur Rent frontman Travis Warren as their new vocalist and started writing new songs. The band members originally looked for a replacement for Hoon a decade ago, but decided to go their separate ways instead of carrying on with the grunge-meets-classic rock group.

Blind Melon have somehow kept a loyal fanbase over the years, and a two-day vigil was even held at Hoon's grave in Dayton, Indiana last month. The event was carried over the internet for Melonheads who couldn't attend in person, and it concluded with the eight-band Vigilstock concert in his nearby hometown of Lafayette. The vigil is apparently an annual event, so check out the band's fan site for updates around the time of Hoon's September 26 birthday if you desperately yearn to attend next year.

Interest from less avid fans of the band was spurred by last year's Best Of Blind Melon CD/DVD, which featured previously unreleased live material, soundtrack contributions and music videos.

Capitol Records released Blind Melon Live At The Palace, an October 11, 1995 concert recording from the Palace Theater in Hollywood, California, this week. A tribute album titled Twenty Stories Below is scheduled to come out on December 15 through New Zealand's YakMusic label.

Blind Melon formed in Los Angeles in 1989 and signed to Capitol two years later. Hoon was friends with Guns N' Roses' frontman Axl Rose and sang back-up on several songs on Use Your Illusion, which created a buzz in advance of the release of Blind Melon's self-titled debut in the fall of '92. The album spawned the hit single/video "No Rain" (featuring the infamous bee girl), and the band toured extensively in support of the disc before starting to record the follow-up (Soup) withNirvana producer Andy Wallace in the fall of '94.

Hoon was in and out of rehabilitation facilities for his drug problems during this time, but went out on the road against a counsellor's wishes. He was found dead, at the age of 28, on the band's tour bus on October 21, 1995.


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