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Articles: Blind Melon's Last Slices (2004)

Blind Melon: 10the Anniversary of Shannon Hoon's
Passing Commemorated With New Releases


  July 11, 2005, capitolrecords.com

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To mark the 10th anniversary of the passing of Blind Melon's lead singer Shannon Hoon, age 28, from a drug overdose on October 21, 1995, the surviving band members and EMI Catalog Marketing will release the band's first ever "Best Of" collection and two never before released live concerts to properly anthologize the band's tragically short but influential musical career.

September 27 will see the releases of:

 'Tones Of Home: The Best Of Blind Melon' -- The band's first ever hits collection. It includes 19 studio and live tracks, including the band's #1 smash hit, "No Rain" and the Top 10 single "Galaxie" and their endearing version of "Three Is The Magic Number" from Schoolhouse Rock. A limited edition release will contain a bonus DVD with include a 6 videos including both the video and a live concert performance of "No Rain".

'Blind Melon: Live At the Metro 9.27.95' -- The band's first-ever concert DVD features a full 19-song concert filmed on September 27, 1995 during the band's final tour. It also contains 3 bonus songs from an acoustic performance on Canada's Much Music TV.

'Blind Melon: Live At the Palace 10.11.95' -- 12 songs from their 3rd to their last concert and last professionally recorded concert will be made available only as a digital download.

 Since Blind Melon's self-titled debut was released in 1992 with its now iconic "bee girl" cover art, the band has sold more than three million albums. Blind Melon personified the Modern Rock format of the early '90s, scoring genre-defining chart hits alongside their contemporaries, Soul Asylum and the Gin Blossoms. The chart-topping single "No Rain" became a phenomenon when coupled with the brilliant music video that launched a thousand Halloween "bee girl" costumes. To this day, the song receives recurrent radio spins, and was an integral music piece on the music-forward TV series, "The OC."

When Kurt Cobain died in 1994, Hoon recognized his own troubles and entered drug rehab, but upon his return to his rock star life, he fell back into his familiar drug use patterns. The follow up, Soup, was released in 1995. After a concert in Houston, TX on October 20, 1995 the band boarded the tour bus for an overnight drive to New Orleans, LA. Upon arriving, the rest of the band checked into their rooms and caught up
on sleep, while Hoon opted to wander the city, later returning to his bunk on the bus. There he overdosed and died.

Without Shannon Hoon, the remaining members of Blind Melon decided it would be best to end the band, and all went on to pursue their own interests. In 1996, Capitol issued a CD of Blind Melon studio outtakes and rarities, Nico, and the Grammy®-nominated Letters From a Porcupine home video with live performances, interviews and the band's own home movies (an expanded DVD was issued in 2001).

Ten years later, the surviving members have all found successful lives doing what they love. Brad Smith and Christopher Thorn co-own and operate a recording studio in Los Angeles,
Studio Wishbone, where they record their own solo music and produce other artists' recordings, including Anna Nalick's Top 20 debut, Wreck Of The Day. Rogers Stevens is the guitarist for The Tender Trio, a new band with former Spacehog frontman Royston Langston, and Glen Graham has retired to North Carolina, where he has immersed himself in painting


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