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Articles: MuchMusic Interview (September'95)

MuchMusic interview

With the kind permission of Kiwi

September, 1995

Watch snippets of the interview here:

The interview took place in a small diner in Toronto, Canada.
The cameraman passes them a plate of fruit

Shannon: Look at this, not only can he film the camera but he can serveÖI think I want to marry you!

MuchMusic: The last time we did an interviewÖ
*cuts to old footage of Shannon saying ďI just want to be friends, itís too easy to make enemies, itís a lot harder to make friendsĒ

Shannon: You just got to enjoy the friction, a lot of this is like, everybody always smiles and they talk and they say of all the little altercations for when they do a show but we do our best to find common denominators and work them out as the camera is rolling donít we?!

MuchMusic: I find this cool, Iím not afraid of it if its real not if itís contrivedÖthatís probably what my question was, whether you were doing it for affect coz I think you like to create tension.

Shannon: I donít like to, unfortunately itís probably made my life more difficult to be honest with you, creating tension. Sometimes tension can be a productive thingÖespecially when you have pear in your teeth like I have right now?

MuchMusic: No, youíre cleanÖ

Rogers: But thatís kind of the way we operate, is very tense situation the whole time, making this record was like, on the brink of physical violence at times I think. We havenít actually punched each other yet but Iím sure itís inevitable

MuchMusic: In one of the sweeter moments that we had in our last interview you said that one of the things that you really wanted to do in the near future was to become a parent, and you have become a parentÖ 

Shannon: It makes this a lot more difficult, I think that thatís what probably helped me really take a look atÖI mean you never think a lot about being a role model, I was never tailored to be much of a role model, especially by my actions a lot of the times. and now itís like being a parent has definitely made me reconsider my views onÖlike gosh if I ever thought that my daughter was going to grow up and act like me Iíd beÖI would stop now!
So it brings a lot of new meaning to the big picture, I think that itís hard for me, Iíd be lying if I said I was one hundred per cent enthusiastic about being out here, and here right now coz my child is only a week and a half old and I had to leave. 

Shannon: Sometimes I try to be so positive that Iím negative and that comes off a lot. It came off, Iím sure, to someone sitting across the table from me right now, when we first met, and I think a lot of things have happened the last couple of years that really make you keep what should be kept at arms length away - away. and I think yíknow, sometimes getting your ego confused with what the reality of this really is can be a big mistake and the sooner you can realize that the better off youíre going to be.

MuchMusic: People say to me, and I witness it, that there is a resurgence in popularity of heroin, now I donít think that heroin ever went away but do you think there is from what you see?

Shannon: I think that unfortunately yes there is a big, big, Big problem now

MuchMusic: and why do you think that is?

Shannon: I think itís just been glamorized. I think that a lot of people mistakenly see a lot of bands who are successful that use it. Some people may, some young people may think that thatís the route to take. Yíknow if you want to put yourself through hell become a heroin addict yíknow, because thatís living hell. Whatever route someoneís going to take, they just, I donít know, maybe think a little bit, look a little bit into it before you take it, I mean into taking that road, not taking thatÖ

Rogers: Heroin gets you like That. Heroin gets you so fast, so much faster than any drug

Shannon: and you donít see it coming, you just donít see it coming. Right when you think youíre starting to enjoy itÖand the thing is that people donít realise the physical aspect, the physical addiction of it. It goes to the point where even when you donít want to do it your body wants it. And addiction of any sort is not an enjoyable thing, Iíve struggled withÖIím by no means am a Christian. I have my bouts with a lot of different things and my life would probably be a lot happier, I Know it would be a lot happier without these obstacles that drugs and alcohol set in front of me. Yíknow thereís been a lot of time that Iíve wasted, thereís been a lot of energy wasted and thereís probably been a lot of creative parts of my life that have been completely dissolved because of it. And I think with having a child really made me look at a lot of things that I used to find enjoyable, and then when you really step back and look at them they really arenít enjoyable. They seem like theyíre enjoyable at that time but you know what? The time you spend getting high thereís twice as much time spent recuperating from it, and Iím sorry recuperating from anything is not an enjoyable thing and I donít know, I think it really paves a bumpy road for what you could possibly have as a happy life.


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