Gentlemen behold…I give you…The Meek.

March 8th, 2011 by Vincent

The Meek was a band Glen Graham (of Blind Melon) formed in 2005 with Stuart Cole (of The Squirrel Nut Zippers) and Joe Tullos. The band played a few gigs in the Chapel Hill, NC area and made an EP named “Relax, it’s later than you think…” that came out in October 2006. That was during the Blind Melon reunion with Travis Warren so The Meek didn’t actually go further.

During these days, Glen made some nice videos for 4 of their songs: ‘All Mine’, ‘My Girl Summer’, ‘Nein Eight’ and ‘I’m A Quasar’ and Joe made an alternate video for ‘All Mine’. I just got the permission from these three gentlemen to upload them on so take a look and enjoy…

The Meek - All Mine

The Meek - All Mine

The rest of the videos are available here.

Thank you to Joe Tullos, Glen Graham and Stuart Cole for the permission.

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