Travis T Warren: music available for sale

October 22nd, 2009 by Vincent

Hello Everyone,
I know this is long passed due but I’m finally making my music available.
This is for everyone in the past couple of years who has written me about how they can get my music.
One of the main reasons I have waited this long is in the back of mind I have had plans  for getting my music at least on disk but for many different reasons that hasn’t happened yet. Since most people have turned to digital downloads anyways, it makes no since to delay it any longer. Currently I have 10 songs available but if there is something in particular you are looking for, let me know and I will have it up for you asap. I’m in the process of putting up live shows,home demo’s and anything else I can dig up. I’m sure some of you could probably find a lot of this music on the net or for free somewhere but that doesn’t really help me at all now does it?? If I was completely loaded and didn’t have to worry about money then I would say, “here, take it for free, I have no need for money” but unfortunately that’s not the case.
So if you could contribute to the cause that would be greatly appreciated and it would also allow me to keep doing what I love doing which is making music for all of you ; )
Check back every now then and I should have up new and old material available.
Thanks again for everybody’s support, It means a great deal to me,
Until next time,
Travis T Warren.

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11 Responses

  1. grumpin Says:

    Why post this? This has nothing to do with Blind Melon. Who cares about this guy anymore? He is a fuck up.

  2. Vincent Says:

    I am not his biggest fan but I must say that I do care about this guy. Travis has been part of Blind Melon for 2 years and thanks to him, I was able to see this band playing live for the first time in my life.
    The ‘Live @ The Derby’ also features Chris Thorn on ‘Skinned’ and ‘Last Laugh’ and was recorded a few weeks before Blind Melon got back.
    So in my opinion, this post is Blind Melon related. That’s why it’s here

  3. Kevin E Says:

    I too am not all that happy with Travis. I can agree with Vincent that in a way Travis made my dreams come true as far as seeing BM live. The obvious tension caused by Travis and wry comments on stage about “please buy band stuff because I need the money” comments during shows was not cool. To then read similar b.s. here about needing money for my music is pure shit. I had tix to my fifth show in NYC that YOU $canceled$
    What a shame the brain cannot match the voice….

    Tin cup next bro?

  4. 410 Says:

    If not for Travis none of us would have ever scene Blind Melon again and the way things are going it looks we won’t see them again. I also had tickets for a show that never happened(Rhode Island)but everyone needs to relax with the Travis bashing.

  5. Kevin E Says:

    Um, wrong 410.
    There is such a thing as being a reponsible adult. Travis not only let down his bandmates but fans and those behind the scene that work hard trying to make a living for their families. Grumpin is 100% correct in his blunt assessment. Maybe when Travis grows up the boys will take him back, one can only hope. They made great music together.

  6. cee Says:

    Nothing like negativity. I believe the band wished him well in positive fashion. Therefore, since they know the situation, makes sense to me to do the same. Good luck Travis.

  7. wabbit Says:

    I would actually be happy to buy some of his music if I had the means, which I don’t right now.
    But, I do try to support the bands I care about the most by buying an album when I can afford it - I have the Universal Theory CD (bought it twice, one was a gift), the Abandon Jalopy CD and all 5 BM Discs… plus some other discs that appeared over the years.
    Whatever the comments and backbiting and criticism of the way it was presented really means nothing to me - you can all stick your bitching in your buttonholes.
    I care about the music. To those who had tix that didn’t get to see the shows, I have full sympathy for, and it’s a shame you didn’t get to see the shows. But, haven’t most of you gotten enough music for free out of these guys via dloads etc. to more than make up for that?
    I for one was happy to see them perform again after all this time. I saw them in the early 90s several times too.
    Now, I would like to see Chris Shinn in the lineup.
    Also, if anyone is interested, there is a great acoustic song on myspace performed by Annie Meyer called “The Day The Music Died in New Orleans” - a tribute song to Shannon. You can watch it here:

  8. ~Cristy~ Says:

    In response to grumpin and Kevin E…I care !!!and….really? i mean do you really know what happened??…i think only they do!!! well… regardless,I’ve had the chance to see Travis live Twice…and meet him…once..because of my love for melon…so i am thankful…that melon introduced Travis to me, one of the best singers/songwriters alive today…besides..did ya know he was in a band called rain fur rent before melon?and that he brought harmful belly to the table?well if not, now ya know…if ya wanna learn more..visit my my myspace page…

  9. Bam~Melon Says:

    Travis is a link in the Melon chain now, regardless of past mistakes. I’m hoping for a repair so that bus can get on down the road again.
    ~ I C A R E T O O ~~~
    Thanks Vincent for including Travis on this site!

  10. Kevin E Says:

    “In response to grumpin and Kevin E…I care !!!and….really? i mean do you really know what happened??…”

    For the most part yeah I do…..

  11. Michael Croteau Says:

    Travis Warren is the shit. I grew up with the guy and just found out this weekend he was the singer in one of my favorite bands. I couldnt believe it. Travis please come back, I couldnt imagine going to see blind melon, and you, taking over for shannon.

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