Blind Melon New Year Eve show

December 14th, 2008 by Vincent

Blind Melon is going to do the New Year Eve show in Dearborn, MI with Travis Warren and not with Chris Shinn as previously said. It sounds like Travis and the Blind Melon guys had a talk lately and they decided to go out on a positive note with Travis. After that show, Blind Melon is looking forward to make more plans, probably with another singer. Stay tuned…

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  1. aj Says:

    hope the show was good-blind melon rock! and thats somehting that will NEVER be stopped…ever…

  2. Eugene Says:

    I was there last night at the rail right in front of Chris Thorn.

    The band was tight and there seemed to be absolutely no tension amongst the band members whatsoever. There were many smiles exchanged and if I didnt know better I would never have known there was any tension just weeks prior.

    I thought the NYE show was much better than the ‘08 Detroit gig at St. Andrews Hall.

    Lets hope this band can bury the hatchet and return to making music and taking us dedicated music lovers on many more cosmic journeys.

    One footnote about Travis…when I saw them in Detroit I was skepticle he could pull it off but he did. I was impressed, now the thing that scares me is if the band chooses to go with another singer will they get lucky twice? I dont even wanna think about it, Travis is the best fit for this band now. Lets hope to God it stays that way.


  3. John Says:

    I thought the New Years show was fantastic. Great set. I had such a great time. The fall tour poster is amazing. Thanks.

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