Blind Melon and Travis Warren part ways

November 7th, 2008 by Vincent

Blind Melon declared they can no longer work with Travis Warren. Many reasons can explained this, the band has an explanation, Travis has his.
There are probably a lot of things that we ignore behind this and no need to say it’s a tough moment for the guys so we’d better support everyone involded.

Chris Shinn who formed Unified Theory with Brad Smith and Chris Torn is replacing Travis for the upcoming US tour starting on Monday in Allentown, PA.
Blind Melon will start looking for someone to work with after the tour.

Let’s wish Blind Melon and Travis Warren nothing but the best !

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4 Responses

  1. T Says:

    Well, I hoped for an European tour cause from youtube I could see they sound great live in the new line-up. However I don’t think the new album is too good - the lyrics are bad. I hope the new singer will write some better stuff. Nevertheless - good luck Travis!

    I would like to invite you guys to btw. Different stuff, some concerning Blind Melon.

    Cheers to all fans.

  2. Andy Says:

    To all,

    I’d like to first comment on the New Album and the tour. This album is extremely impressive and well thought out including the lyrics and the songs picked. I have seen several shows and the it’s obvious to all that attended that the magic was back. It must have been very difficult finding a singer that could rip out Melon songs that resemble Hoons voice but also have someone that had his own style that us fans would come to admire. You definitely accomplished this with Travis. Being around music my whole life like many of you it’s evident that’s it’s very hard to keep a band together long term. Only a few like the Dead, U2, Stones etc have been able to accomplish this measure. At the age of 39 I have looked up to these bands because of there talent and longevity. Even though Blind Melon has not always been around, I’ve always considered your music in the same league as these bands. Imagine if Shannon never died? Wow, the catalog of music would be amazing. Trust me when I say that the 4 of you are truly special together on stage with or without Travis Warren. Kudos to TW and his talent but he’s a kid compared to you guys so he’s going to act like a kid. You can’t blame him for that because we’ve all been there. If you decide to keep this beautiful music train alive which all of us hope you do, please bring on a lead man that’s got your level of maturity and wants to be around for a while. As difficult it is to loose a band mate, it can be just as hard for the loyal fan that has never given up on Blind Melon.

    See you Boston..

    Kind Regards,


  3. Meredith Says:

    Its sad news to all Melonheads who loved the reunion and loved seeing the band with Travis. I can only hope for a bright future for Travis and Blind Melon both.

  4. James Worley Says:

    There is hope for Blind Melon yet!!/group.php?gid=120387954656169

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