April 22nd, 2008 by Vincent

Everyday above ground is a good one but today is better than any other day: For My Friends, Blind Melon’s new album is in stores!

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  1. natedog Says:

    …sing till we lose our voice!

  2. patrick Says:

    killer album guys, i love it!

  3. Elva Says:

    Exactly! sing till we loose our voice…

    what an amazing time to celebrate vince!

    For my friends’ release, earth daya nd my bday jejeje!


    Elva :)

  4. James"jimbrowski"Farrow Says:

    i don’t have yet..but it does’nt matter..much love for you guys..pre-ordered it weeks ago..saw u guys in Lancaster..hey travis I got all the other guys to sign my guitar… U owe me one..much love.. Jimmy from Baltimore..peace

  5. Kyden Says:

    had to go out of town and out of my way to buy the new cd, and i also found out that they are playing near me this sunday in Tulsa. My mom loved these guys in the 90’s and so did i, we used to jam together all the time, so i bought two tickets and i’m taking my mom to introduce her to the new sound. You guys rock.

  6. Herrick Says:

    This thing hasn’t left my CD player since Tuesday. I must say… This one fits in better then I could have imagined. Alittle Old, Alittle New, mix it all together and you have some Roots sticking out of the Underground ;) Keep it up Guys… Your all brilliant.

  7. William Says:

    I’ve been a fan since day 1. But I have to admit I am a bit disappointed with For My Friends. Musically, I think it rocks…unfortuntaly not as jammy as old Melon, but still great tunes (for the most part - not a fan of Cheatum Street). Lyrically is where I think this cd fails. Shannon was such a great wordsmith and I think the lyrics were a big part of the Melon magic, while Travis’ seen amateurish. There’s no ‘like a pigeon that is spreading it’s wings to fly away to better things’…they just seem more spelled out. Maybe Im being too critical. I was just expecting more. I’m going to keep it in the cd player and hope it grows on me.

  8. j.j. macneil Says:

    when will the cd be out in

    canada eh! please give me a date

  9. trappinglight Says:

    cant find the new album anywhere… where is it?

  10. Drew Says:

    It’s never too late to make a change in your life and to feel alright…Thank you guys for coming back. I remember seeing you at the Florida theater in Gainsville for one dollar way back when, keep his spirit alive.

  11. Drew Says:

    By the way, William you are an idiot!

  12. Tim Says:

    I am totally hooked on the new album. As a lover of S.H. and a total follower back in the day, I am so excited to get a new version. I give the band top props for chillin’ for a number of years before doing this, out of respect for S.H. - now was an appropriate amount of time to give us fans some more. Thanks guys! I love it…

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