New album release date announced!

January 22nd, 2008 by Vincent

Greg Prato interviewed Travis Warren lately for a article about the new Blind Melon album. “For My Friends”, the first studio album since Shannon Hoon’s tragic death in 1995 is due April 22 via Adrenaline.
Read the article to know more about the upcoming album and about the book written by Greg Prato here.

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7 Responses

  1. Josh Says:

    This is the greatest news i’ve seen in Soooo long. Love the new tunes!! Canada LOVES Blind Melon boys. You really should try for some canadian tour dates they woudl certainly be sell out shows!!

    Cant wait to get my hands on the new album!!!!

  2. jonfranc Says:

    I downloaded the unmastered new album and i must say is pure crap. im praying for a complete new set of song at the final album.

  3. Vincent Says:

    pure crap? well, some thought the same in 1995 when SOUP came out. You have the right to feel that way but I must say I love that crap (even unmastered).

  4. ace Says:

    new songs are tight - you cant measure the sound that those dudes create . yea Shannon was the man, but Travis is a solid singer and the music , as always , is fantastic. These guys are humble and nice guys who clearly missed jammin together - its good to see them happy and rock’n

  5. LittleMissHappy Says:

    No denying speaking your voice…but really….the new Blind Melon showcases a new era of BM material. You know the boyz have grown. The songs present brilliant musicianship, beautiful melodies and lyrics. Give the new tunes a chance. Peace Man

  6. Rosiane Alves de Souza Says:

    Please, come to Brazil :)

    So many fan Where

    Good Luck…boys!!

  7. kala Says:

    Come to Iowa, if you ever get board or have a chance. I love you guys form the bottom of my heart. I wish I could have seen you before, but the great hoon died when I was five. At least the rest of you are alive and hopefully doing well. So if you looking for extra cash and need to waste some time come to Iowa or even Lacrosse, WI would be better. Thank you so Love Kala

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