Thank you Blind Melon!

December 17th, 2007 by Vincent

As you can see on the Blind Melon page, many fans who have seen the band playing live have no word to say thank you to these guys for keeping Shannon’s music alive, for creating new songs and for being so cool with the people at the shows.
Jeremy Petranka is a melonhead who went to the Raleigh show at the Lincoln Theatre on December 2nd. He did a pretty cool video of the show that he is glad to share with you. Just click here to download the video. Thank you Jeremy!

Seeing Blind Melon live is something that can put a silly smile upon your face for many many weeks…

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2 Responses

  1. ohiomelon Says:

    y’aint kiddin. they do a great job. the band just kicks ass - they always have and always will-strong music and crazy fans. Melon was never gone … and now they back.

  2. Joaquin Says:

    Hey matt, have you got this complete show recording to share it with the melonheads? It’s a good show, and i would like to have it completely, thanks

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