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August 14th, 2007 by Vincent

Check out their myspace page : 2 songs that will be on the next album are available! ‘For My Friends‘ is already know by the fans but ‘Wishing Well‘ is a brand new one. The album and a tour are expected soon…

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  1. Meredith Says:

    I am so happy they put those songs up. Glen’s drumming in Wishing Well is just….amazing! I can feel it getting closer!

  2. Leonardo Penha Says:

    man..AMAZING..i loved the new song…it’s great..i want the lyric, any1 have it?

  3. patrick Says:

    i absolutely cannot wait to hear the whole album. when can we expect a release date?

  4. leonardo penha Says:


  5. Ol Says:

    Please please please, dont let these new songs become victims of the “Loudness Wars”, ie, dont let them cut the record so hot (loud) in the mastering process…

    Its happening to all my favourite bands, and the music really suffers, the New Dinosaur Jr and Smashing Pumpkins albums sound terrible..

    Please don’t let it happen to the melon too!

    I hate to be a nag, but to see your great work destroyed by some label exec would be a huge disappointment..

    Cant wait for the new tunes, Wishing Well, Harmful Belly, Make a difference and For all my friends are amazing!

    Glad to hear the vibe is still there.

    Ol (long-time fan of ‘the melon)!

  6. Vincent Says:

    Wishing Well (taped by waspfactory from

    when you fall back down
    and you lost your crown
    get back up, walk around
    turn that frown upside down

    take my hand once again
    we will all understand
    help you find a new plan

    It’s time to help you
    get you back on your feet and on your way
    if the tables were turned around
    I know you’d be there for me
    it all works out

    Don’t get lost and forget
    turn the lights of unrest
    Don’t you worry no more
    Kill your pain and your sores
    We’ll be there when you wait
    No more sweat for the shades
    Feel the love if you can
    Lost your mind, feel insane

    You’re feeling hopeless
    And all your dreams have gone away
    take the time to heal your sorrows
    and disappear from the world
    live for tomorrow

    hope you changed your ways
    there’s not much more to say
    when the dark turns to gray
    broken hearts fade away

    It’s time to help you
    and get you back on your feet and on your way
    if the tables were turned around
    I know you’d be there for me
    it all works out

    and i hope
    that it all works out

  7. Natedog Says:

    I love friends and belly.
    classic melon sound!

    both difference and wishing well

    The recording process is not HOT. it’s muddled.
    ridiculous layering and overdubbing. Melon does not need it.

    bring on the tour I will catch all the east coast dates i can!

  8. Ol Says:

    I wasnt commenting on the mp3’s of the new stuff, they dont sound good because they are low bitrate streams.

    BUT, what I was saying was that when the new album gets mastered, dont let the record label master the album HOT (ie, LOUD) it seriously reduces the dynamic range and makes for a headache inducing listen.

    Melon needs dynamics, if melon has dynamics then it shall be sweet :) This music does not need to be mastered like a metal album (or some gargage like nickelback)!

    If its not loud enough, turn it up with the volume knob on your hi fi, dont let some record exec decide how loud your album should be..


    Im off now :)

  9. Ryan Steele Newfoundland, Canada Says:

    this album is gonna be fantastic!I think Travis will be forceful with the fantastic band!!!

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