Travis Warren solo acoustic show

April 7th, 2007 by Vincent

Travis T Warren played a solo acoustic show in LA a few days ago. Not that a solo show actually! Rogers Stevens was there with his guitar and joined Travis on stage. The guys played The Pusher, Sleepyhouse and some of the new songs (Hypnotize, For My Friends and To Spain I Stay).
“…People in the audience were crying when we played Sleepyhouse”…”Also, the crowd was singing the ‘gooddamns’ on The Pusher at top volume…”
Rogers wrote on the
That’s the first time these two guys play together in front of an audience “the show was fun… it was eye-opening and awesome because he has no fear of being up there. You get the sense that he owns the stage and everyone else is just borrowing it…” Rogers also wrote about Travis.

Travis will be playing 2 more acoustic shows on April 17th in San Luis Obispo and another one in LA in May. Further information on his myspace.

This post is dedicated to John Larson.

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  1. Cali Blue Says:

    Weird to think that now this is history…can’t imagine the cryin’ and the cussin’ they seen up to now :B -so glad to have experienced history in the making.

  2. Says:

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