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Rene Lopez: ‘People Are Just People’ comes out May 4th

Auto Date Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Starting today, you can pre-order the new Rene Lopez album on To celebrate the release of ‘People Are Just People’, Rene will also perform a special show at Nublu on Tuesday May 4th.

Rene was just featured on a National Geographic show called ‘Taking On New York’ as he guided Boni and Lemarti, two Samburu warriors from Kenya, around New York City. This show is about these two guys, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime as they leave their tribal roots for the westernized ways of the US. Check out the trailer here:

Note: Rene Lopez is a good friend of Rogers Stevens. He was in 2 bands (Extra Virgin and The Tender Trio) with Rogers before the Blind Melon reunion in 2006.

June 10th: Glen Graham on live with Terry Bozzio

Auto Date Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Glen Graham will be on DC live on Thursday June 10th at 6 pm PST. DC live is a weekly internet video show hosted by Terry Bozzio (of Frank Zappa and Missing Persons). It is a great opportunity to know more about Glen: his background, his influences, his working process, etc… You will also be able to ask Glen all of your questions during the show directly on the DC Chat!

photo by Brooks Graham.

Tour dates

Aug 28: Seattle, WA
Aug 29: Portland, OR
Aug 31: Petaluma, CA
Sept 1: San Fran., CA
Sept 2: Sacramento, CA
Sept 3: Sparks, NV
Sept 5: San Luis O., CA
Sept 7: Hermosa B., CA
Sept 8: Ventura,CA
Sept 9: Pomoma, CA


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