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Happy birthday Rogers!

Auto Date Saturday, October 31st, 2009

and happy Halloween to everyone!

Travis T Warren: music available for sale

Auto Date Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Hello Everyone,
I know this is long passed due but I’m finally making my music available.
This is for everyone in the past couple of years who has written me about how they can get my music.
One of the main reasons I have waited this long is in the back of mind I have had plans¬† for getting my music at least on disk but for many different reasons that hasn’t happened yet. Since most people have turned to digital downloads anyways, it makes no since to delay it any longer. Currently I have 10 songs available but if there is something in particular you are looking for, let me know and I will have it up for you asap. I’m in the process of putting up live shows,home demo’s and anything else I can dig up. I’m sure some of you could probably find a lot of this music on the net or for free somewhere but that doesn’t really help me at all now does it?? If I was completely loaded and didn’t have to worry about money then I would say, “here, take it for free, I have no need for money” but unfortunately that’s not the case.
So if you could contribute to the cause that would be greatly appreciated and it would also allow me to keep doing what I love doing which is making music for all of you ; )
Check back every now then and I should have up new and old material available.
Thanks again for everybody’s support, It means a great deal to me,
Until next time,
Travis T Warren.

Chose the album/song you want to purchase and then click the ‘Buy’ button. After entering your email address and your credit card information, you will receive an email with a direct link to download the album/song.

Blind Melon documentaries awaited in 2011

Auto Date Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Colleen Hennessey is currently working on a documentary about Blind Melon. “…we decided to start it at the very beginning of Blind Melon and go all the way to 2007. This has extended the editing process quite a bit…” she said (*).¬†Colleen actually works at Three on a Tree Productions that is a Danny Clinch compagny, you may have seen her and her camera during the 2007/2008 tour.
“… there is also another company working on a documentary of Shannon’s childhood that is planning to go to Sundance in 2011. I meet them at the Vigil this year and they are wonderful and coming from the heart…”
said Coleen (*).

Both documentaries are awaited in 2011.

(*) taken from Colleen’s post on the Blind Melon Forum

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Aug 28: Seattle, WA
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Sept 1: San Fran., CA
Sept 2: Sacramento, CA
Sept 3: Sparks, NV
Sept 5: San Luis O., CA
Sept 7: Hermosa B., CA
Sept 8: Ventura,CA
Sept 9: Pomoma, CA


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