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First Blind Melon shows since 1995!

Auto Date Monday, October 8th, 2007

“…Without warning, the opening horns from the Soup album blared over the PA with shannon singing the “I’m entering a frame…”. A side door to the stage opened, the boys emerged, the place went bannanas, and just like that - Blind Melon were back…”

Check out Keith’s pics and review for the very first concert here.

Blind Melon on tour!

Auto Date Thursday, October 4th, 2007

After reuniting last year with singer Travis Warren, Blind Melon has spent the last 13 months to work on new material. The result is 20 new songs and now, the guys are ready to hit the road!

Blind Melon is doing a short, small club tour in October before another bunch of dates in December.

Oct 7 8:00P Decibel at Club Hell - Providence, Rhode Island
Oct 8 8:00P Higher Ground - South Burlington, Vermont
Oct 9 8:00P Canal Room - New York, New York
Oct 11 8:00P The Grog Shop - Cleveland, Ohio
Oct 13 8:00P The Basement - Columbus, Ohio
Oct 14 8:00P Howard’s Club H - Bowling Green, Ohio
Oct 16 8:00P Double Door - Chicago, Illinois
Oct 18 8:00P The Canopy - Urbana, Illinois
Oct 19 8:00P Frankie’s Inner-City - Toledo, Ohio
Oct 20 8:00P Diesel - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Oct 22 8:00P Harper’s Ferry - Allston, MA

Interview of Brad Smith

Auto Date Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Matt of did a nice and long phone interview of Brad Smith the day of his birthday. Brad talks about the latest Unified Theory album, his solo project Abandon Jalopy but also the Blind Melon reunion, the new album and the tour to come.

Blind Melon will be playing live in October starting on next Sunday in Providence.

Listen to the interview here:

Tour dates

May 2: New York, NY
May 3: Jersey City, NJ
May 4: Falls Church, VA
May 5: Philadelphia, PA
May 6: Pittsburgh, PA
May 8: Chicago, IL


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