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Happy birthday to Rogers Stevens and spooky Halloween everybody!

Auto Date Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Here is a picture posted by soupmomma on and taken lately by Travis Warren at Wishbone Studio in Los Angeles. According to the band, things are doing very very well and some stuff is going to happen this week! maybe the launch of their new website or a few songs posted on their myspace… who knows?

Rest In Peace Shannon

Auto Date Saturday, October 21st, 2006

11 years ago, we lost a beautiful soul we still miss today. May you rest in peace Shannon Richard Hoon.

Join us for an online vigil. Just download an install Yahoo Messenger, add my id (vincebertin) or Barbara’s (baarbr) or Briady’s (bumcaakes) or Diego’s (diego_ferreyra82) or Lillie’s (lilliemelon) in your contact list. Then send one of us a IM and we will get you where the rest of us is.

How a joke reunited Blind Melon

Auto Date Friday, October 20th, 2006

photo by Danny Clinch
The melon guys are in Los Angeles until Sunday recording new songs at Chris Thorn and Brad Smith’s studio. There is a cool article on written by Greg Prato with Rogers Stevens talking about how the band got back together, about their new singer Travis Warren and revealing they have already 3 new songs (Make A Difference, For My Friends and Harmful Belly) Read the whole article here.

Thanks to Greg Prato

October 21st

Auto Date Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon

Hello melons!

On October 21st, we will gather online to remember Shannon just like we did for the online vigil. The “rules” are the same:

  • If you don’t have Yahoo Messenger, you can download it here (click on Get It Now)
  • Then add my id (baarbr) or Briady’s (bumcaakes) or Diego’s (diego_ferreyra82) or Lillie’s (lilliemelon) or Vince’s (vincebertin)
  • When you see one of us online, just IM and we will get you to the conference

SEE YA!! and don’t forget to someof your best Blind Melon shows ready to be played!

Live at the Palace: In stores now!

Auto Date Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

The new release of The Live At The Palace is in stores now featuring a brand new packaging, never seen pictures by Danny Clinch and intimate notes by Rogers Stevens. It was recorded on October 11, 1995 at The Palace Theater in Hollywood when the band was touring for the second and sadly, last album with Shannon Hoon.

Brad Smith’s ‘Instead’ on the TV Show West Wing

Auto Date Friday, October 13th, 2006

The song Instead from the Abandon Jalopy debut album (Brad Smith’s solo project released in 2001) appears in an episode from the third season of The West Wing featuring Martin Sheen as the president of the USA. It’s called Manchester (part 1) and was first aired on October 11, 2001. You can watch it here.

Tour dates

Aug 28: Seattle, WA
Aug 29: Portland, OR
Aug 31: Petaluma, CA
Sept 1: San Fran., CA
Sept 2: Sacramento, CA
Sept 3: Sparks, NV
Sept 5: San Luis O., CA
Sept 7: Hermosa B., CA
Sept 8: Ventura,CA
Sept 9: Pomoma, CA


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