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Blind Melon to play in Lafayette before the vigil

Auto Date Monday, September 1st, 2008

Blind Melon will be playing in Lafayette, IN on Friday September 26th just before the annual Shannon Hoon’s vigil. guitarist Christopher Thorn said the band will only be playing Hoon songs at the September 26 gig. The vigil will take place on Saturday September 27th at the Dayton cemetary, on Shannon’s grave.

Vigil !!!!!!

Auto Date Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

The annual Vigil will take place on Saturday at Dayton, IN on Shannon’s grave. If you can be there, it’s a great opportunity for you to meet hundreds of melonheads and Shannon’s family. A show is scheduled on Sunday in Lafayette, IN. Further information available here.

If you can’t be there, join the online vigil on Yahoo IM to share your Blind Melon stories and most important, to meet new melonheads! Check out the blindmelonforum for more information.

Vigil is getting closer

Auto Date Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Just Like every year, the vigil takes place on Shannon’s grave on the closest week-end to his birthady. Hundreds of melonheads meet there to celebrate Shannon’s music and there is also a show called the Vigilstock. Further information on the hoonforum or the blindmelonforum.

First pictures of the Vigil taken yesterday

Auto Date Sunday, September 24th, 2006

thanks to 1blindmind and mario for sharing with us

Vigilstock #4: September 24, 2006

Auto Date Sunday, September 17th, 2006

The 4th annual vigilstock will be held on Sunday September 24, 2006 at Riehle Bro’s Beach Club in Lafayette, Indiana at 5 pm featuring:

Toes and his guitar, Moedell (who will appear on the Blind Melon Tribute Album), Subject To Change, Scott Fish, Lefty, The Clayton Miller Blues Band and Sunshine Behaviour.

Subject To Change will also play at The Java Roaster on Friday September 22, 2006 at 8 pm

Vigil’06: September 22nd & 23rd

Auto Date Thursday, September 14th, 2006

So here we almost are, the Vigil will take place at Shannon’s grave on Friday September 22nd and Saturday September 23rd.

Join hundreds of melon fans at the Dayton Cemetary in Dayton Indiana during the week-end to celebrate Shannon and his music. Also, don’t miss the famous vigilstock on Sunday September, 24th at Riehle Bro’s Beach Club in Lafayette (featuring Moedell, Toes, Subject To Change, Lefty, Scott Fish, The Clayton Miller Blues Band and Sunshine Behaviour).

The vigil is probably the best way to meet lots of melonheads from different countries and the Hoon family and of course, to be close to our dear Shannon.

Tour dates

Aug 28: Seattle, WA
Aug 29: Portland, OR
Aug 31: Petaluma, CA
Sept 1: San Fran., CA
Sept 2: Sacramento, CA
Sept 3: Sparks, NV
Sept 5: San Luis O., CA
Sept 7: Hermosa B., CA
Sept 8: Ventura,CA
Sept 9: Pomoma, CA


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